Directed By

Michael Bay

Timothy Busfield

Douglas Carrigan

Robert Conway

Michael Dowse

Dave Footman

John Herzfeld

Tobias Stromvall

Remi Vaughn

Word on the Street

"Dustin James skewers his performance, and in doing so gives what's really an excellent comic turn, dippy and corny and laced with ideal timing." - Variety

"Dustin is among the hardest working and most committed actors I have ever known. " - Robert McCaskill, Off-Broadway Director

"Dustin James...brings an overly practiced, sly innocence to his role." - LA Weekly

"Aside from James' natural acting ability, his work ethic is first-rate. He takes adjustments very willingly and his enthusiasm for the project shines through in every performance." - Matthew Lombardo, Broadway Director

"James' delivery of clunky lines is ploddingly hilarious." - Backstage West