Voice Actor for Honda

When people ask me what I do I tell them I’m a voice actor. Most of the time their response is, “What?” And those that are familiar with the term tend to blurt out, “Oh so you make different voices for animated cartoons?” My response, “Neither.”

I define a voice actor as someone who has greater emotional understanding and technique with their voice than that of an on-camera actor and yet can still bring an arc to a script unlike the traditional announcer. And by announcer I mean those guys you hear with a “put on sound” that do play by play for sports and news. A voice actor can certainly play an announcer, but they can also drop the “tone” and connect moment to moment with their audience. There are also animated voice actors whom do accents and character work, but since that isn’t my specialty, I’ll politely bow out of that conversation.

My current Honda campaign was unique because it allowed me to show my range as a voice actor within the spot. Typically we’re hired for one part or the other. Granted, both of the roles I play have a certain style that I was directed into, but the range is prevalent.

Grateful, grateful, grateful to be voicing Honda’s 2016 radio campaign!