Wendy's New Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger

Callbacks for voiceover??? Yes, it’s a new world! Ten years ago they didn’t exist. We’d lay down a track and either never hear, or receive a call that a contract was on the table. Technology has changed the game. The opportunities have grown but so has the competition.

I’m an actor first. While my on-camera career is secondary to my recording schedule at this stage in the game, I know the discomfort that comes with having to re-create the magic in the moment all over again. It’s easy to doubt our choices. Rather than trying to remember exactly what we delivered on round 1, my approach has always been to find it again for the first time. Sure, it could be worse, but that’s subjective. We have to trust that the commitment to our instrument will be recognized. Breathe, focus, and let it fly free!

I’m grateful Wendy’s brought me on to this campaign. I brand many sports promos but it has been a long time dream to be the next trailer voice. And that’s exactly what the spec requested, “A Young Trailer Voice.” Here’s the breakdown…

“New TV spots and a digital video that acts as a trailer for the fictional movie "Gouda Bacon Cheeseburger: A Cheesy Underdog Story" Former football stars Terrell Owens and Vince Young star as Gouda and Gruyere, respectively, benchwarmers on a football team who get their chance to shine playing with a smaller player named Bacon.” – Adage.com

It has a bit of ‘cheese’, no pun intended. The obvious choice for many would have been to play into it. Instead, I played against it. I always read the specs, but for on-camera voiceover I pay more attention to the visuals. My job is to compliment the picture. By keeping it close, subtle with only a slight smile I feel I was able to deliver the message without indicating the joke. It’s a new generation. I’m part of it. I always go back to, “What feels cooler to me?” Thankfully the creative team behind Wendy’s agreed.

Two callbacks and a new campaign booked for a genre of voiceover I absolutely love! Did I mention I’m thankful? Yes, over and over again.