Fandango 2016... New York Times

I've been beyond fortunate as a voice actor. When I signed on to the Transformer's Franchise I had the pleasure to walk the Red Carpet with Stephen Spielberg. What a guy! And now Fandango has helped me check off another mark on the dream list, as this is the first commercial campaign I've voiced to be featured in the New York Times. 

Some of the key points of the article are below. It fascinates me to learn about how companies are using the entertainment arena to increase brand awareness and grow their returns. 

"Fandango, which is owned by Comcast, continues to experience rapid growth; it has sold 58 percent more tickets so far this year compared with the same period in 2014."

"The Miles Mouvay story will play out in eight 30-second commercials, running on both cable and broadcast networks, and 18 digital videos, according to Adam Rockmore, Fandango’s marketing chief."

"So Fandango has been allowing Twitter users to buy tickets by clicking on a button. The company is also testing a system in which a smartphone image serves as a digital ticket"

"But it has now reached near-ubiquity in the United States, representing roughly 95 percent of the theaters that offer online and mobile ticketing."

Thankful, thankful, thankful!