2015 Toyota Camry Commercial!

Most recently I've tried to get away from approaching my reads as a voice actor. Sounds strange, considering that's how I've branded myself. But as voice actors, particularly if we are diverse and working across all the mediums from promo to animation to narration to commercial, we can easily begin to 'add' a sound vs. 'find' it. Method actors work from the inside out. Meisner actors are action based. When I studied at RADA in London, I was taught to be external and work outside in. Everyone has an opinion about what's right and what's wrong. Personally, I believe in what works.

Right before booking Toyota I stopped by Carroll Day Kimble's office for a lesson. She reminded me that I'm an actor first. I guess that's what I mean by I've been trying to get away from thinking of myself as a 'voice actor.' Because first and foremost, I'm an actor. She helped me go back to the basics by letting go of all the various ways in which I can 'add' a sound. For commercial copy we need to commit to the choices of relationship, action and intent, and allow our instrument to simply 'find' it. 

Yup, that much goes into a thirty second commercial! I appreciate you sharing the journey with me!!!