Diffuser Madness

While scouting locations for Just the Vampire Hunter, I found myself at the edge of a dirt road parked for a 'relief break' behind a bush. Nothing appeared to be in site except the frame of a broken down house. Enjoying the moment I stared in wonder, "Why is the light inside reflecting so brilliantly?" I decided to inquire further. 

As I approached I realized it was a green house framed with old wood. The roof was made of plastic panels and the diffusion was out of this world. I ran back to the jeep, grabbed my camera and zoomed in on the name. It read, 'Tuftex.' I remembered seeing the panels at Lowes. (When the rest of Hollywood is out indulging on a Friday night, that's usually where I spend my time.) I made a note that read, 'Leighton Lite Panels - Lowes.' It's remained on my desk. 

I'm waiting for the SSD to arrive for my new Black Magic Cinema Camera. Lets spend today building a new kind of diffusion.